So Hey ...oxox

hey :)
just to introduce myself im carlii also known as carlii babii.
I havent ever done videos of myself or blogged so its all new to me, hopefully i'll get the hang of this, lol.
I have a love for make-up and i am always practising on myself new looks etc and from watching other youtube users i thought why not share my passion aswell. I havent had any classes or anyhing i am all self taught. I take all critisism and use it so any advise is welcome. I'll share my tips and my knowledge with everyone who watches me on youtube (when i get my videos up there) .

At the moment my laptop is broken and im using my mothers so in a week or so i'll have some videos upon there :) for alll of you.
I will be accepting requests for any loos weather its imaged by yourself or you have seen i on celebritys i'll do my best for you. Also i will now and again be popping some hair style tips on there aswell.

I'll be doing a few contests when im up and running and hit 100 suscribers and the more i get the more i'll giveaway so suscribe :)



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