Girls Aloud Eyelashes

Girls Aloud Lashes

These are available from boots and debenhams i believe. Thay cost around £25.00. Unless you got them in the sale. I paid £25.00 for them before christmas and then bagged myself some more this month for £12.50  :).. 
I love these lashes they are amazing. I had no problems using these. 
When i have previously used false lashes i had issues because the peeled in the inner corners. Now with these i never once experienced this problem. 
Once applied these lashed looked quite natural (apart from the cheryl cole ones as these are quite thick). I cant pick a favourite as i'd happily wear all of these again. 

These lashes are also available seperate and they'er something like £4.85 each not too sure. These can be purchased from Boots, Debenhams and Superdrug in the UK.  

If you haven't already then Try these :).


Urban Decay Book Of Shadows Vol II - Review


So i brought this from Boots for £29.00 (i think)... It is amazing :). I will be posting a few looks from this palette on youtube soon as i get my laptop up and running.

Urban decay have really upped there game since the Last Book Of Shadows. They have put in two of there 24/7 eye liners in shades Zero (black) and Bourbon (brown). I never tried there liners before but i will definitely be using these and buying from there 24/7 range. They glide on so smoothly. In this palette they have put 8 EXCLUSIVE shades which are AC/DC, Nylon, Mushroom, Sphynx, Jinx, Homegrown, Misdemeanor and Perversion. Along with these were some of Urban Decays best selling shades which are, Gunmetal, Sellout, Ecstasy, Midnight cowboy rides again, Twice Baked, Half Baked, Flipside and YDK.

I will go into more detail of each shade for you so you get a better idea of them:

  • AC/DC - Is a dark plum with a sheen of dark silver.

  • Nylon - Is a frosty bronze with glitter in. (Fave absolutely gorgeous).

  • Mushroom- Is a taupe/browny with maybe a small hint of grey.

  • Sphynx - is a lightly brightened cotton candy pink with an icier pink sheen.

  • Jinx - Is a teal/ fresh blue that applies very smooth and pigmented.

  • Homegrown - Is a grassy coloured green with a gold green shimmer.

  • Misdemeanor- Is a dark blue/green shade with slightly more of a green shimmer.

  • Perversion - Is a matte black (well it did have a very slight silver sparkle).

  • Gunmetal - Is a frosted grey/silver with silver sparkle.

  • Sellout - Is a light champagne/frosty nude shade with high pigment as it is so smooth and applies brilliant.

  • Ecstasy - Is a shimmering medium purple with maybe a slight pinky/purple shimmer.

  • Midnight cowboy rides again - Is a very very glittery textured light taupe brown / champagne.

  • Twice baked - Is a dark chocolate brown nearly matte with a slight bronze shimmer (very slight).

  • Half Baked - Is a metallic coppery gold with a bronzy shimmer.

  • Flipside - Is a mermaid green/teal slight frost finish.

  • YDK - Is frosty/shimmery cool toned brown.

The palette also includes a mini primer potion again aswell (awesome stuff).

What i like about these shades is that they are so well pigmented and apply very smooth apart from the midnight cowboy it falls out more than the others due to the amount of glitter in it ( still a nice shade though). All of the shades are wearable so i will definitely get some use out of each and every one of them. Urban decay have really impressed me here. The only thing i have to niggle at is the fact theres no good highlighter but that's fine if you are using them at home and have other products so its minor.

The packaging is good as it doesn't have the useless pop up thing it has a mirror and a little look book. I personally rarely open the lid anyway. I just use the draw. :)

I love the palette and i will definitely be using these for some looks on youtube. (SOON).


  • product - 9/10
  • value - 10/10
  • packaging - 9/10


So Hey ...oxox

hey :)
just to introduce myself im carlii also known as carlii babii.
I havent ever done videos of myself or blogged so its all new to me, hopefully i'll get the hang of this, lol.
I have a love for make-up and i am always practising on myself new looks etc and from watching other youtube users i thought why not share my passion aswell. I havent had any classes or anyhing i am all self taught. I take all critisism and use it so any advise is welcome. I'll share my tips and my knowledge with everyone who watches me on youtube (when i get my videos up there) .

At the moment my laptop is broken and im using my mothers so in a week or so i'll have some videos upon there :) for alll of you.
I will be accepting requests for any loos weather its imaged by yourself or you have seen i on celebritys i'll do my best for you. Also i will now and again be popping some hair style tips on there aswell.

I'll be doing a few contests when im up and running and hit 100 suscribers and the more i get the more i'll giveaway so suscribe :)


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