Girls Aloud Eyelashes

Girls Aloud Lashes

These are available from boots and debenhams i believe. Thay cost around £25.00. Unless you got them in the sale. I paid £25.00 for them before christmas and then bagged myself some more this month for £12.50  :).. 
I love these lashes they are amazing. I had no problems using these. 
When i have previously used false lashes i had issues because the peeled in the inner corners. Now with these i never once experienced this problem. 
Once applied these lashed looked quite natural (apart from the cheryl cole ones as these are quite thick). I cant pick a favourite as i'd happily wear all of these again. 

These lashes are also available seperate and they'er something like £4.85 each not too sure. These can be purchased from Boots, Debenhams and Superdrug in the UK.  

If you haven't already then Try these :).



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